Chat on EAElizabeth Southerlan works as an Associate for strategy and management consulting firm Oliver Wyman
Chat on EARobert Damashek Chief Architect Binary Group, Noted EA Authority
Chat on FEAPO, EA, & AgileDavid Chesebrough, President Association for Enterprise Information, Vice-President National Defense Industrial Association
Chat–new foundational EA Paper, EA Career Path, EABOK, FEAPOBrian Cameron Founding President FEAPO,Nick Malik Principle Microsoft EA
Chat on FEAPOBrian Cameron, Professor and Executive Director Center for Enterprise Architecture, Founding President FEAPO
FEAPO AnnouncementACM Releases Enterprise Architecture (EA) TechPack Plus FEAPO Launches
CIPS CONNECTIONSAndy Chen, President and CEO Catronic, Past CTO and Vice President Ontario Power Generation