Why do we need an organization like FEAPO when there are multiple other organizations involved with Enterprise Architecture?

FEAPO provides an independent forum for member organizations to present the work of their respective organizations to a larger community for further comment, evolution, and eventual recognition. FEAPO’s role is to align all of these organizations in achieving the goal of evolving Enterprise Architecture into a true profession.

Why can’t existing organizations provide this function?

There are many excellent organizations involved with the advancement of enterprise architecture, many of which are members of FEAPO. However, none of these organizations are viewed by their peers as having an independent view. FEAPO provides the opportunity for recognition and adoption of standards, bodies of knowledge, certifications, model curriculums, and other items of interest by its member organizations to the larger enterprise architecture community while acting in the role of independent facilitator.

Does FEAPO endorse or support specific products or services?

FEAPO will not endorse any product, service, or standard that will provide sole advantage to any single organization. This includes training courses and certification activities.

All member organizations have the opportunity to provide input and review of FEAPO published documents and papers.

What activities does FEAPO engage in?

FEAPO has regular monthly delegate meetings and plans to hold two semiannual conferences for in-person discussions and other sessions.

There are currently working groups for members to get involved in that include FEAPO governance, EA ethics, EA taxonomy and EA Profession roadmap. In addition there are initiatives in the area of EA Perspective, EA Career Paths, and EA Body of Knowledge.

Member organizations are encouraged and welcome to participate in any of the working groups or initiatives and attend monthly meetings and plenary sessions.

Is FEAPO a US only organization?

FEAPO is a worldwide organization with international membership and welcomes participation from any organization that meets the key qualifications.

What are the key qualifications for membership in FEAPO?

Organizations interested in membership in FEAPO must

  • Be a legally recognized non-profit entity or equivalent with an active interest in the practice and professionalism of Enterprise Architecture
  • Demonstration that they act in the public interest and/or member interest to make contributions to the Enterprise Architecture community, including the practice and professionalism of Enterprise Architecture
  • Have been in existence for one year and have at least 10 members