The guiding principles for the operation of the Federation of Enterprise Architecture Professional Organizations are as follows:

The Primacy of Principles

All FEAPO’s decisions and decision-making processes are based on principles that are agreed upon by the representatives of the voting FEAPO Member Organizations (FMOs) and are openly shared with the general public.


Everything we do is done with good faith, trust, and collaboration
• FEAPO is inviting and open to hearing everyone’s voice
• We express rationale, not just positions
• Decision making is collaborative and informed

Shared Motivation

Our shared motivation is to advance one community and one face for the practice and profession of Enterprise Architecture so that everyone shares the credit and the benefit

FEAPO follows openly documented processes and roles for planning, operations, decision-making, and reaching consensus.

Competitive Neutrality and Open Standards

FEAPO will not endorse any product, service, or standard that will provide sole advantage to any single organization.