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2012 Fall Conference

The FEAPO Fall Conference was held with FEAPO delegates on November 2 and 3, 2012 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.   This session allowed delegates to meet in person and discuss topics pertinent to the FEAPO members.

Reports from the Ethics, Taxonomy, Roadmap, and Governance working groups were delivered as well as an update on the Communications area.  Nick Malik provided an overview of the recently finished EA Perspectives white paper which is now out for comments to the larger FEAPO audience.

On the second day, a team from MITRE discussed the effort to update and revitalize the EA Body of Knowledge.   Plans were made to continue discussions on this topic at another special session in the first quarter of 2013.


Membership Update

FEAPO continues to attract international interest with the approval of the Netherlands Architecture Forum (NAF) as its newest member in October 2012. The Netherlands Architecture Forum is the third international organization that has membership in FEAPO, joining the Australian Computer Society and the Institute of Information Technology Professionals New Zealand who are already members.

The NAF is an organization of companies and knowledge institutes, such as universities, that aim to foster the use of architecture and to improve the level of the architecture profession in business and information technology (IT). The NAF is vendor-neutral and a supporter of open standards and an open exchange of knowledge. Its main activities include holding working groups on architecture-related issues, organizing seminars and the Dutch national congress on architecture.

The FEAPO membership increases to 18 organizations with the addition of the NAF.


Working Group Update

EA Perspectives White Paper

A new white paper, authored by a core team of delegates, has been made available for review and comment by member organizations.

This paper provides an introduction and value proposition of Enterprise Architecture as a Strategic Planning function that can be utilized by a diverse set of organizations from commercial, governmental, and non-profits alike. The paper describes the type of activities an Enterprise Architect typically performs, the skills needed to perform them, and the artifacts or outputs that they produce along the way.

This is one of many deliverables that are planned by FEAPO as joint efforts by member organizations to advance the Enterprise Architecture profession.


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Research & Thought Leadership

publishing approval.  Although there are numerous web references for the content, the editors are requiring coverage in sources that are such as newspapers,   magazines or books.

The article includes the following sections:

  • The Need for Enterprise Architecture
  • Purpose of FEAPO
  • History
  • Member Organizations
  • Leadership

The draft is located here ( and as soon as the page is published, there will be a notice on the FEAPO website under the “News” section.


EA Education & Knowledge Sharing


Operations & Infrastructure Updates

The new FEAPO website ( is now operational.  This site will be the key point of communication for all member organizations and will be kept up to date with news and events and pertinent FEAPO information.  There is also a member’s only section that includes a directory of delegates, a calendar of upcoming FEAPO events, a newsletter archive, and workgroup and event repositories.  The primary and alternate delegate from your organization should request access to the member’s only section using the request form on this web site.

The member’s only section of the website links to the workgroup repositories on a Google Site and you will need to provide Andy Chen ( the Google email address of your delegates for access authorization to the workgroup repositories.  The workgroup repositories provide information, activities and work output for our key working group and initiatives.