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FEAPO Member Organization’s Summit on the Enterprise Architecture Profession

The FEAPO Member Organization’s Summit on the Enterprise Architecture Profession will be held on May 2 and 3, 2013 at The Penn Stater Conference Center Hotel in State College, PA.   This Summit is the first major step in showing the world that the entire FEAPO member organizations can come together and agree on issues needed to evolve the EA profession.

The Summit is open to the delegates from each of the nineteen member organizations, both US based and international organizations.

The key focus of the Summit will be a discussion on two papers recently drafted by FEAPO working groups – the EA Perspective Paper and the EA Career path document.  Both of these papers have been circulated to the FEAPO member organizations for review, comment, revision, and compilation into a draft for presentation at the conference.  More detail on each of these papers in included in this newsletter below.

The intended outcome of the summit is to have all FEAPO member organizations feel comfortable enough with the draft paper to vote to approve it as a first step in a continuing process of evolving and refining versions in the years to come.



Membership Update

FEAPO continues to attract international interest with the approval of the Netherlands Architecture Forum (NAF) as its newest member in October 2012. The Netherlands Architecture Forum is the third international organization that has membership in FEAPO, joining the Australian Computer Society and the Institute of Information Technology Professionals New Zealand who are already members.

The NAF is an organization of companies and knowledge institutes, such as universities, that aim to foster the use of architecture and to improve the level of the architecture profession in business and information technology (IT). The NAF is vendor-neutral and a supporter of open standards and an open exchange of knowledge. Its main activities include holding working groups on architecture-related issues, organizing seminars and the Dutch national congress on architecture.

The FEAPO membership increases to 18 organizations with the addition of the NAF.


Working Group Update

EA Perspectives White Paper

The focus of this paper is to provide a unified perspective of Enterprise Architecture to a wide ranging audience, not just to the architects themselves, but also to the people who interact with the architects, and others who want to learn about Enterprise Architecture.  After producing a vision for the paper, a small working team created an online survey, and requested participation from each of the FEAPO member organizations.   The goal of the survey was to capture each organizations perspective in a number of areas of Enterprise Architecture and compare the similarities and differences.

The results of the survey were compiled, synthesized, discussed and distilled into a first draft of this paper.  So much data was gathered from this survey that it was decided to develop a series of papers on the Enterprise Architecture profession that will progressively dive deeper into different aspect of this evolving field. This paper is the first of this planned series.

The paper was organized around the major themes or question areas that the survey attempted to understand.   The three major themes or sections of the paper are:

  • What is Enterprise Architecture?
  • What differentiates the Enterprise Architecture practice from other functions and practices in an organization?
  • What value does Enterprise Architecture bring to an organization?

EA Career Path Document

In the Spring of 2012, at the urging of many of its members, agreed to undertake a multi-year effort to:

  1. Conduct an analysis of the current state of the structure of the Enterprise Architecture practice and the structure of career paths related to the traditional EA practice areas.
  2. Based on the results of the current state analysis, develop competency sets and role descriptions for the identified career path structures.
  3. Develop possible future career path structures needed as the profession evolves.
  4. Submit the artifacts and documents from this initiative to the FEAPO Council of Delegates for approval.

This document will focus on the results of the first step in this process (item 1 above) and discusses the findings from a meta-analysis of the EA career path documents from ten organizations and well as two analyst studies on EA career paths


Check out the latest videos

Brian Cameron interview with Forrester

Brian Cameron, president of FEAPO, recently conducted and interview with Tim DeGennaro of Forrester Research.   This interview provided additional good exposure for FEAPO and its efforts for the profession.   The interview is located here.


Research & Thought Leadership

Working Group Paper to be published by IEEE

The Roadmap working group of FEAPO recently finished authoring a white paper detailing a plan for building the Enterprise Architecture profession.  This manuscript has been officially accepted for publication in a future issue of the IEEE IT Professional magazine.  The article describes how FEAPO is using the roadmap to take the lead in advancing EA as a profession.

The white paper is located on the FEAPO website here


EA Education & Knowledge Sharing


Operations & Infrastructure Updates