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Worldwide Summit on the Enterprise Architecture Profession

The Worldwide Summit on the Enterprise Architecture Profession was held on May 2 and 3, 2013 at State College, Pennsylvania with over 20 individuals in attendance for the two day session.

Delegates from the FEAPO member organizations, representatives from the external advisors (Gartner, Forrester, and Cutter) as well as individuals from sponsors EMC and Troux were in attendance.

The Summit was a major inflection point as an organization and attendees expressed their praise for the productive nature of the session and the collaborative activities that were conducted.  Many saw this as a key step in FEAPO being recognized as the accrediting body for this profession and a major factor in the evolution of the profession over time.

The work that started at the Summit will continue with another session on August 21 and 22 2013 to finalize the EA profession paper.

In the addition, it was announced that the Fall Plenary will be held in November.

Bylaw Changes

Since November 2012, Bylaw amendments relating to incorporation, finances, a new Treasurer position, voting processes, and Council, Board and Officer responsibilities and authorities have bee adopted.

With a vote taken during the FEAPO business meeting at the Spring Summit in State College, PA and via email for FMO Delegates who couldn’t participate in the Summit, additional Bylaw changes have been approved.  These changes related to a new category of participation for non-profits that are not EA-oriented but have an interest in FEAPO’s EA concerns. To make this category  fit the existing designation scheme, the current Affiliate is renamed Champion and a new Affiliate is created with more limited engagement opportunities.

The current bylaws are posted on the FEAPO website.


Membership Update


Working Group Update

 The following standing committee structure was approved by the Board of Directors with assignment of members to move forward.



Governance Committee This Committee has the responsibility to ensure effective FEAPO governance, including its structure, and the establishment of Committee mandates so that the Board’s responsibility to the Membership is fulfilled. It is responsible to assess the performance of the Board and its Committees.
Nominating Committee The Nominating Committee is responsible to oversee the director Nomination, Evaluation, Selection and Election processes for Board Candidates, as well as keeping list of potential board members, orientation training and monitor of terms
Strategy and Roadmap Committee The Strategy and Roadmap Committee is responsible for maintenance of the FEAPO Roadmap for the Profession. This includes formally responding to anybody or entity who wishes to add something to the roadmap and also verifies that any new PAPs align with the FEAPO’s strategy and intent. This committee is not a PMO office but rather an advisory body for FEAPO strategy and architecture and being measured by professionalization infrastructure milestones along the roadmap continuum – milestone report s will be delivered quarterly to the Board.
On-Boarding and Awards Committee This committee has the responsibility of planning and overseeing a seamless onboarding process for new members. Includes FEAPO welcome package and education on FEAPO culture, getting them seating on a committee (if appropriate), update of all e-mail and team rosters and introduction to Board of Directors.

Emerging in 2013 and deployment in 2014, this committee is also responsible for any annual FEAPO awards, industry recognitions, or student competitions used for the purpose of spotlighting achievements in Enterprise Architecture

Advocacy This committee has the responsibility of outreach in building support (government, industry, academia, media channels, civil society); PR and external communications; speaking where FEAPO is mentioned to build awareness of the FEAPO brand
Fundraising, Revenue, Business Model Committee Oversees development and implementation of the FEAPO Fundraising and Funding Plan including priorities, risks, impacts, options, and resource requirements.
Summit  and conference Planning and Oversight Committee This committee has the responsibility of planning and overseeing all Summits and Conferences organized by FEAPO

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Brian Cameron interview with Forrester

Brian Cameron, president of FEAPO, recently conducted and interview with Tim DeGennaro of Forrester Research.   This interview provided additional good exposure for FEAPO and its efforts for the profession.   The interview is located here.


Research & Thought Leadership



EA Education & Knowledge Sharing


Operations & Infrastructure Updates

New Collaboration Area

Nick Malik through Microsoft has offered FEAPO their collaboration tools and large storage space. The collaboration website are for working groups and FMOs to share/exchange documents.  The public documents should be available in our official website which you maintain.