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FEAPO Common Perspective Meeting


A session was held in Chicago on August 21 and 22, 2013 to review and edit the latest version of the EA Common Perspectives document for approval by all FEAPO FMOs.  This session was attended by both onsite FMO representatives as well as many who dialed in for the duration of the session.

The group successfully agreed to a draft of the document which is now being sent to all FMOs for official vote for approval to publish.  The current plan is to submit the document for publication to Architecture and Governance Magazine by October 3 at the latest.

The success of this meeting has set a tone for future FEAPO endeavors and sends a message to the world that this group can come together and agree on items of common interest for the progression of the EA profession.

2013 Fall Plenary

The FEAPO Fall Plenary meeting will be held at the IEEE Computer Society head office complex in Los Alamitos CA on October 30 and 31, 2013.  Stay tuned with upcoming emails and the website for further information.

2013 Board of Directors Election

The FEAPO 2013 Board of Directors election has closed with Kevin Brennan, Richard Martin and Stephen Ibaraki being elected to the Board by acclamation.  Kevin and Richard are replacing Mark Lane and Barry Sellers on the Board.  Many thanks to Mark and Barry on the hard work they provided to advance the cause of FEAPO.


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Brian Cameron interview with Forrester

Brian Cameron, president of FEAPO, recently conducted and interview with Tim DeGennaro of Forrester Research.   This interview provided additional good exposure for FEAPO and its efforts for the profession.   The interview is located here.


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New Website Look

The FEAPO website recently migrated to a WordPress platform in order to provide the means for easier update by FEAPO content providers as well as establish a more professional look.  Many thanks to Josephine Juang for her hard work in getting this accomplished.

LinkedIn Discussion Group

A FEAPO discussion group has been formed on LinkedIn.   Check it out here.