Put the latest app strategies to work enabling digital-age innovation at Gartner Applications Summit 2014.
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Deliver the user experiences and analytics that drive business success

How does your app strategy need to change to deliver the latest mobile user experiences, APIs and analytics? The world’s most innovative companies rely on Gartner for help in transforming their applications strategies for digital business success. Learn how to advance your app strategy, accelerate modernization and enable innovation at Gartner Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summit 2014, December 8 – 10, in Las Vegas, NV.

Deliver leading-edge mobile experiences. Advance your mobile strategy, improve user experience design and develop new ways to engage customers.

Secure your data in the cloud. Hear the latest strategies to help you take full advantage of cloud capabilities without jeopardizing your data.

Modernize legacy systems. Address integration challenges, renovate core systems and modernize while you innovate and shake off legacy drag.

Deliver game-changing analytics. Improve data integration and implement prescriptive analytics to give the business a competitive advantage.

Leverage the latest agile strategies. Tap the power of APIs, open the doors to innovation and evolve your app strategy to thrive in the digital age.

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