Announcing the CEA Annual Meeting 2017

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CEA Annual Meeting

September 27 & 28, 2017 Nittany Lion Inn  University Park, PA

 The Center for Enterprise Architecture at Pennsylvania State University has announced their annual meeting to take place in September.  Check out their newsletter (here) for some information on programs.  Registration details will follow.  Attendance is free.

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Guiding the Enterprise Architecture Career Path – Spring 2015 Summit

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Reaching New Heights

Worldwide Summit on the Enterprise Architecture Profession

May 19th– 20th, 2015

Nittany Lion Inn

200 West Park Avenue

State College, Pennsylvania 16803

Proudly Sponsored by:

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Pennsylvania State UniversityCenter for Enterprise Architecture


Demand is Growing for Enterprise Architects

The rate of change in our organizations and corporations has continued its meteoric rise. Uncertainty, the rapid growth in mobile devices, and the massive increases in data have driven dramatic growth in demand for change agents and strategy execution professionals. At the same time, it has become increasingly difficult to hire, train, and support these rare professionals, or even to identify those with the talent, experience, and training needed to deliver real value.

We need an authoritative reference point that any enterprise (public, private, and non-profit) can use to hire and develop Enterprise Architecture related professionals.

FEAPO has responded, but we need your help.

Defining the Career Path for Enterprise Architecture

Following our landmark whitepaper in 2013, Perspectives on Enterprise Architecture, the Federation of EA Professional Organizations (FEAPO) has taken on this critical issue. FEAPO has set out to describe the skills and competencies needed to perform the role of Enterprise Architect and related professions like Information Architect and Security Architect in an integrated way, speaking with a single voice through seventeen international professional organizations representing over 1,000,000 technology professionals worldwide.

The Guide to Careers in Enterprise Architecture is a relatively short document (less than 20 pages) designed to be immediately valuable for mid-career architects, their managers, and their human resources departments. It provides a matrix of skills and competencies for each of the various “domains” of Enterprise Architecture: Enterprise Architect, Business Architect, Information Architect, Application Architect, Technology Architect and Security Architect as well as Architecture Manager.

So Why Host a Summit?

For the first time, we will have a document in front of us. Right now, in the winter of 2015, the document is being constructed from contributions from numerous international organizations. However, if history is our teacher, we know that our first effort will need the collective minds of a couple dozen folks, in a collaborative space, combing through the document, correcting mistakes, clarifying the text, and adding contributions. Inevitably, the document will get shorter, sharper, and more valuable because we put it through the crucible of a summit.

For FEAPO member organizations, attendance by a delegate is critical. Each of our members brings a unique and valuable perspective on the role of Enterprise Architecture and the skills needed to perform the role correctly. Without attendance at the summit, your voice cannot be heard and the resulting document may not strongly represent your perspective.

If you are ready to make your reservations, check out further details below.

We need your help

We need two kinds of help to make this work. We need a handful of corporate sponsors, and we need FEAPO member organizations to send individual contributors. Both are critical to the success of this effort.

For individual professionals to contribute to this effort, you must be a member of one of the seventeen membership organizations that make up FEAPO. If you are not a member, but you want to contribute anyway, join one. (Typically membership in these organizations is inexpensive and highly valuable on their own). Once you are a member of a FEAPO organization, contact FEAPO on our website. We will get you involved.


Corporate and Educational sponsors play an important role in supporting our work and we value their contributions. In exchange for your modest financial contribution, corporate sponsors can:

  • Send up to two representatives to the summit as contributors
  • Influence the direction, content, and structure of this important guide
  • Leverage your contribution to the career path for Enterprise Architecture in your sales and marketing materials
  • The names of sponsors and the contributors that you send will be included on the final document. This is especially important for academic sponsors.

Take the next step

Contact FEAPO president Brian Cameron ( or FEAPO EVP Nick Malik ( for more information or to join forces with FEAPO in this important effort.

Logistics and Reservations

For those member delegates or workgroup members who had not completed their event registration for the spring summit, please click on the following link ( FEAPO Event Registration Link ) and complete the form at your earliest convenience.

If you have completed the registrations and plan to attend this event in person, please make your hotel reservations by calling 800-233-7505 and use code COLE15G or go to Rooms must be reserved by April 18, 2015.  Your credit card information is required in order to guarantee your reservations.  You can cancel anytime before May 15, 2015.  Please note that the  EA Center in Penn State has agreed to sponsor our EA Summit and cover the cost of hotel accommodations including on-site meals for our member delegates.

We are also working on securing additional funding from our corporate sponsors.  Subject to our Board’s approval, we plan to provide further traveling expense reimbursement for the FEAPO’s participants of this event.

Hope to see you all at Penn State University in May.

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