Update: EA Perspective Paper

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The first edition of the EA Perspective Paper has been approved by the FEAPO delegates.  We have Yes ballots from 15 of the 17 FEAPO member organization representatives and the other two need a bit more time and expect to have Yes votes to make it unanimous.

This is quite an achievement – to get 17 people to agree on anything is difficult, let alone 17 professional organizations.

I want to thank all of you for getting us to this point – many people have told me that you all would not stay together and not be able to find common ground and agree on much.   I think we all see the bigger picture for the profession and have been able to begin to find much common ground for the advancement of the profession. This paper is proof.   I am truly honored to be associated with this group!  In the next few years, this organization will really start making a positive impact on the EA profession.

The paper is currently out with a professional editor and will be ready to submit to Architecture and Governance Magazine by the October 3 deadline.  After publication, the paper will serve as the new entry for EA in Wikipedia.  The paper working group that will be responsible for the continued evolution of this document will officially kick off at the Los Angles meeting of FEAPO next month.

At the LA meeting we will also officially discuss and kick off the EA Career Path effort and working group.  I am getting much interest in this effort from a wide variety of organizations – most recently on a call with the Royal Bank of Scotland this past week.  We will also discuss making the career path effort the focus of the next Summit on the EA profession this spring.  Once we are better organized around this effort, we will invite all of the major analyst firms and other leading organizations to participate as well – I’ve received great initial interest from many of them already.

Thats it for now – thanks again to everyone!


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FEAPO Board Updates

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Hello All

Richard Martin and Kevin Brennan have formally joined the FEAPO Board of Directors, replacing Mark Lane and Barry Sellers. Barry will continue to be an ex-officio member of the Board in his role as FEAPO Treasurer, and Mark continues as Primary Delegate of CAEAP and in other leadership roles within FEAPO.

On behalf of all of us, I thank to Mark and Barry for their leadership, insights, and work on the Board as our organization emerged from an idea to the forward-looking organization we now have today. Of course, we have much farther to go as an organization, but the contributions of both men were critical to our success.

Thanks again to Barry and Mark for all they’ve done in their role as FEAPO board members!

Also, the FEAPO EA Perspective Paper is currently being approved by the FEAPO member organizations – we expect unanimous approval and will be publishing the paper in the next issue of Architecture & Governance Magazine.  After this, the paper will serve as the foundation for an updated EA Wikipedia page.

There is alot happening in FEAPO and I know those of you not on the FMO list don’t really see how much is happening – we are going to address this communication issue this fall



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On-site meeting of the Penn State IST EA Advisory Group

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Hello All:

Just a reminder that we are planning the next on-site meeting of the Penn State IST EA Advisory Group for Tuesday, September 28 (full day) and Wednesday September 29 (half day), 2010 at University Park.    The registration web site will be available soon.

At this meeting, we will update you on our great progress since the September 2009 meeting and we will have reports from the committees.  We will also be presenting a straw man of our long-term participation model for our EA research center for comment.  The functions of the committees will be under our new EA research center that is under development and we are working with the research committee to develop a straw man structure for the center that will be discussed at the meeting this September.  We will send further information prior to the meeting.  Please try to attend this meeting if possible – this will be an important meeting as it will set the structure and process for this group going forward.

Organizations interested in working with the center to set the research streams for the coming year are invited to attend the research meeting that occur on the afternoon of September 29 from 1 – 5 following the general group meeting – more information on this session will follow this summer.

We’re making great progress on many fronts and thank all of you for your continued support and enthusiasm.  I also thank you for the continuous flow of new organizations that many of you continue to refer to us.

More coming soon.


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