Presidents Letter

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Dear Fellow Practitioners, Colleagues, and Friends

After founding and serving as President of FEAPO since 2010, Dr. Brian Cameron has passed the leadership baton to me as of July 1, 2016. FEAPO is an aegis organization, formed of professional member organizations, providing services that encourage and enable the advancement of the Enterprise Architecture field. I am deeply grateful to Dr. Cameron for his vision and commitment in building FEAPO as a mechanism for the continued collaboration across professional organizations around the globe. Dr. Cameron has agreed to stay engaged with FEAPO, so we will have the benefit of his insight going forward into this 2016-2018 term.

In one of my first exchanges with Dr. Cameron he acknowledged the important role of FEAPO’s Board of Directors. Likewise, I thank the Board Members, the Secretary and Executive Vice Presidents for their dedication to FEAPO. I look forward to working with each of them, along with Dr. Cameron, as a team focused on the continued evolution of FEAPO. 

What lies ahead for FEAPO?

The Enterprise Architecture profession continues to shift accelerated largely due to advances in technology and demand of business transformation. The architect’s role has become multi-faceted and spans the breadth of IT and, to a large degree, the business concerns as well. 

Companies are shifting their IT decision makers in accordance with their priorities as a business.  The alignment between the business and architecture has become essential and architecture stands at the center of most major IT decisions. This realignment naturally shifts the priorities within the profession and Enterprise Architecture has become a real differentiating factor in the business of a company.

The challenges FEAPO face are to implement timely programs that meet the needs of our members in advancing the field of Enterprise Architecture through research, education, and services, and to engage relevant information with our members, their members, companies and academia.

Engaging for the Future

The Board and I look forward to serving you in the term ahead and to continue building quality relationships that will keep FEAPO thriving. We encourage you to engage with us and keep FEAPO germane to your work in the field of Enterprise Architecture.

Best regards,
Jean Gehring
Federation of Enterprise Architecture Professional Organizations
1+ (707) 228-8954 | 

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FEAPO Board Updates

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Hello All

Richard Martin and Kevin Brennan have formally joined the FEAPO Board of Directors, replacing Mark Lane and Barry Sellers. Barry will continue to be an ex-officio member of the Board in his role as FEAPO Treasurer, and Mark continues as Primary Delegate of CAEAP and in other leadership roles within FEAPO.

On behalf of all of us, I thank to Mark and Barry for their leadership, insights, and work on the Board as our organization emerged from an idea to the forward-looking organization we now have today. Of course, we have much farther to go as an organization, but the contributions of both men were critical to our success.

Thanks again to Barry and Mark for all they’ve done in their role as FEAPO board members!

Also, the FEAPO EA Perspective Paper is currently being approved by the FEAPO member organizations – we expect unanimous approval and will be publishing the paper in the next issue of Architecture & Governance Magazine.  After this, the paper will serve as the foundation for an updated EA Wikipedia page.

There is alot happening in FEAPO and I know those of you not on the FMO list don’t really see how much is happening – we are going to address this communication issue this fall



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August Meeting for FEAPO Leadership

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Hello All

Just a quick note to say thank you for another great and productive meeting!  We accomplished much and a special thank you to those of you on the phone – those of us in the room were amazed and pleased that so many of you dialed in and stayed on the line for the entire meeting.  We definitely have a committed group!

If you could not attend the meeting, Bob will be sending recordings out soon.

Just to summarize the timeline and next steps for the EA Perspective Paper:

By Tuesday of next week, I will send the current version of the paper to all of the FMO delegates.  This version will contain all of the edits we agreed to this week.

At this point there should be no FMO delegate with a major concern or objection to the paper.

I will also be sending a ballot to the FMO delegates for voting on the approval of this draft of the paper.  We will send the paper to a professional editor so don’t worry about sentence structure, etc.

Your vote signifies that the organization that you represent is ok with publishing this first edition of the perspective paper.  If some in your home organization have minor changes, ask them to keep them for the paper working group and they will be discussed and reflected in the next version of the paper.

Right now we are focusing on any major issues that would keep your home organization from voting for approval.  I would be surprised if any FMO had a major concern at this point – we’ve have more than ample opportunity and time to bring up and discuss any major issues.

We need your vote no later than September 20.  We need to have the paper to Architecture and Governance Magazine by October 3 at the latest.  Again, this is a first edition and the paper will continue to evolve over time.

I am hoping for unanimous approval of this work as it sets a tone for our future endeavors and sends a message to the world that this group can come together and agree on items of common interest for the progression of the EA profession.

Please let me know if you have any questions and please look for the paper on Tuesday of next week.

Have a great weekend!


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