Established in 2011, FEAPO is the largest non-profit global association of unified professional organizations dedicated to advancing the profession and stature of Enterprise Architecture.

FEAPO was founded by Dr. Brian Cameron, Associate Dean for Professional Master’s Programs and Clinical Professor of Management Information Systems at the Penn State Smeal College of Business, and 9 global professional organizations.  FEAPO has grown to 15 member organizations with multiple strategic partners.

The mission of FEAPO is to provide a platform – a forum – to discuss cross organizational activities, standardize, professionalize and otherwise advance the discipline of Enterprise Architecture.

Why was FEAPO formed?

Rooted in the 1990’s, Enterprise Architecture remains unclassified as an international standard occupation. To achieve stature, the profession needs independent industry standards and practices that are universally agreed upon and maintained through a widely recognized group of international professional organizations.

Founding President, Dr. Brian Cameron, explained the idea of FEAPO arose from “the desire to do something about the fragmentation between the many Enterprise Architecture related professional organizations and create an integrated community or one face to advance the profession world-wide.”

“Unless professional organizations begin to come together, Enterprise Architecture may never coalesce as a true profession. This was one of my main motivators for the FEAPO organization.” Dr. Brian Cameron, founder of FEAPO.

FEAPO is the international platform to facilitate the collaboration and coordination of thought leadership and events between member professional organizations, academia, corporate, and government institutions involved in Enterprise Architecture.  

FEAPO’s sole purpose is to provide “one face” for the advancement and stature of the profession worldwide.

What does FEAPO do?

FEAPO provides a collaborative platform for member organizations and facilitates cross-organizational programs to create unified perspectives in the maturing and mainstreaming of the Enterprise Architecture profession. FEAPO work groups develop highly cited publications, professional and educational activities, and provide forums for member organizations to present work for endorsement.  

Who is FEAPO’s audience?

FEAPO supports a wide-ranging audience including the Enterprise Architecture community, member professional organizations, academia, corporate, and government institutions and those who want to learn about Enterprise Architecture.