Dear Fellow Practitioners, Colleagues, and Friends

I am pleased to report that FEAPO continues to thrive as a leading presence in the advancement of the Enterprise Architecture profession.  

As a collective group of 15 professional organizations, we published a Taxonomy of Enterprise Architecture Terms and the Guide to Enterprise Architecture Careers. Developing these resources was a herculean effort and my congratulations to all of the Delegates who volunteered their time and contributed their expertise.

So what lies ahead for FEAPO?

Enterprise Architecture has evolved beyond its roots in the IT organization to extend throughout the enterprise. Shifts toward business-driven and continuous technology change continues to drive the way Enterprise Architecture works and interlinks with related disciplines.

FEAPO members offer standards, books of knowledge and professional certifications unifying and normalizing their disciplines –  many intersect with Enterprise Architecture practices. In 2011 FEAPO founder, Dr. Cameron declared the need for a unified, vendor agnostic Enterprise Architecture certification to benefit the  practitioner, the company employing them and help homogenize the Enterprise Architectures alignment with related disciplines.

FEAPO’s challenges

The focus is on FEAPO’s mission to collaborate with our members and facilitate innovative and relevant programs to advance the profession.  The Career Guide needs to be expanded, the Perspectives Paper refreshed and authoring a unified Enterprise Architecture certification still sits on the horizon.

Thank you all for your continued support.

Jean Gehring, President